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Gas Based Power Plants in India

As on 31 March 2013, there are about 53 gas-based power plants with total capacity of 17,721.47 MW.

Name State Capacity (MW) Sector Owner
Sugen CPPP Gujarat 1147.5 Private TORRENT
Gautami CCPP Andhra Pradesh 464 Private GAUTAMI
Konaseema CCPP Andhra Pradesh 445 Private KONASEEMA
Lanco Kondapalli CCPP Andhra Pradesh 350 Private LANCO
Agartala GT Tripura 84 Central NEEPCO
Kathalguri CCPP Assam 291 Central NEEPCO
Ratnagiri CCPP Maharashtra 1967 Central RGPPL
Anta CCPP Rajasthan 419.33 Central NTPC
Auraiya CCPP Uttar Pradesh 663.36 Central NTPC
Dadri CCPP Uttar Pradesh 829.78 Central NTPC
Faridabad CCPP Haryana 431.59 Central NTPC
Gandhar CCPP Gujarat 657.39 Central NTPC
Kawas CCPP Gujarat 656.2 Central NTPC
Rajiv Gandhi CCPP Kerala 350 Central NTPC
Maithon GT Jharkhand 82.5 Central DVC
Karuppur CCPP Tamil Nadu 119.8 Private ABAN POWER
Hazira CCPP Gujarat 156.1 Private ESSAR
Bhander CCPP Gujarat 515 Private ESSAR
Kakinada CCPP Andhra Pradesh 220 Private GMR
Jegurupadu CCPP Andhra Pradesh 445.4 Private GVK
Rithala CCPP Delhi 108 Private NDPL
Lakwa GT Assam 157.2 State APGCL
Vijeswaran CCPP Andhra Pradesh 272 State APGENCO
Namrup CCPP Assam 95 State APGCL
Utran CCPP Gujarat 518 State GSECL
Dhuvaran CCPP Gujarat 218.62 State GSECL
IP GT Delhi 270 State IPGCL-PPCL
Pragati I CCGT Delhi 330.4 State IPGCL-PPCL
Uran CCPP Maharashtra 672 State MAHAGENCO
Karaikal CCPP Puducherry 32.5 State PPCL
Pragati III CCGT Delhi 1000 State IPGCL-PPCL
Ramgarh CCPP Rajasthan 223.8 State RRVUNL
Dholpur CCPP Rajasthan 330 State RRVUNL
Valuthur CCPP Tamil Nadu 186.2 State TANGEDCO
Kuttalam CCPP Tamil Nadu 101 State TANGEDCO
kovilkalappal CCPP Tamil Nadu 107 State TANGEDCO
Baramura GT Tripura 58.5 State TSECL
Rokhia GT Tripura 90 State TSECL
Vadodara CCPP Gujarat 160 Private GIPCL
Peddapuram CCPP Andhra Pradesh 220 Private RELIANCE
Godavari CCPP Andhra Pradesh 208 Private SPECTRUM
Vatwa CCPP Gujarat 100 Private TORRENT
Vemagiri CCPP Andhra Pradesh 370 Private GMR
Hazira CCPP Ext Gujarat 351 Private ESSAR
Paguthan CCPP Gujarat 655    
Trombay CCPP Maharashtra 180    
Kondapalli Ext CCPP Andhra Pradesh 366 Private LANCO
Sriba Industries Andhra Pradesh 30    
RVK Energy Andhra Pradesh 28    
Silk Road Sugar Andhra Pradesh 35    
LVS Power Andhra Pradesh 55    
P.Nallur CCPP Tamil Nadu 330.5    
Valantarvy CCPP Tamil Nadu 52.8    
Namrup ST Assam 24    
DLF Assam GT Assam 24.5     
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